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  1. Lincoln Classic II Faceplate L9916

    Lincoln Classic II Faceplate L9916


    Mirrored Stainless Steel Faceplate for your Lincoln Classic II.  MAKE SURE YOU GET THE CORRECT ONE - In the lower right corner of your OEM faceplate there is a part number. This is the replacement for a L9916.
    You can have your Machine Code and Serial number laser-etched on your faceplate for an additional $40 and 3 business days. Enter the Code and Serial Number in the box below. Please indicate in the box the Code and Serial Number with "C:" or "SN:" - for example: "C: 12345  SN: 123456789".

     the Code and Serial Number are correct as there are no refunds for errors. 
    Pleae note that it takes up to 3 additional business days delivery time for the laser etching.

    Call us with any questions at (602)850-7399.

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